Reliable property financing – without a bank.

Briqwise real estate financing. It can be a better option.

Briqwise originated from a situation that many investors and SME’s/Business entrepreneurs have had to deal with. As an investor, you want to achieve as much return as possible at the lowest possible risk. But which investment form will deliver? As an SME, you want to buy real estate, but despite your good reputation and healthy business it is difficult to obtain financing from a bank. What are the alternatives?

Briqwise offers a reliable solution for both sides of this conundrum. A way of investing and financing that does not involve a bank.

We are just like you

Briqwise employs people who understand both SME’s and investors. We understand the importance of real estate for an entrepreneurial minded business owner but also what is important for providing and starting a loan. We speak the same language and contribute ideas based on our experience and expertise.

In-house knowledge

The Briqwise team has extensive experience with loans, real estate and investments. But for extra security, on behalf of both the investor and property buyer, Briqwise has various expert consultancies in the field of real estate and finance on call.

Enterpreneurs in finance

At Briqwise, we are fellow entrepreneurs. The moment we receive a financing request we proceed at full speed. You will always receive an answer promptly. Once your request has been assessed, it usually doesn’t take long (on average two weeks) for financing to be arranged.

Fast, but never careless

Our processes and procedures are ultra reliable and fully transparent when it comes to assessing the property, the buyer and the investor. That way everyone knows where they stand at all times.