Financing commercial property for buyers

Many businesses dream of owning their business premises.

But with tighter regulations and economic conditions making the banks even less cooperative, it’s hard for many businesses to realise their commercial real estate ambitions. And even if you can successfully navigate your way through the complex, time-consuming process of getting bank approval for a loan, the repayment obligations are often extensive and inflexible. Penalty-free repayment is rarely an option.

This is where Briqwise can help. Because Briqwise provides a platform that connects buyers to investors with attractive conditions for everybody. Buyers who finance their real estate using Briqwise will almost never have to worry about repayments. And the best part is there’ll be no penalties.

Business mortgage through Briqwise

Flexible repayment terms will give you some financial wiggle room!

Quick and easy borrowing

You can apply for finance on your business premises directly on the Briqwise website. If your application and the nominated property meet our criteria, we will invite you for an interview. Together we’ll discuss financial terms and develop a proposal.

Next, we will submit your financing application to our investor network. Once an investor decides to finance your property, we will provide the necessary documentation and make an appointment with a solicitor. In most cases, the loan will be disbursed by the solicitor within two weeks of filing the financing application.

The Briqwise process is easy and quick – especially compared to traditional banking procedures.

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