The flexible, affordable way to finance property

Your business mortgage – bank free!

Buying your business premises, or an investment property, can provide a real boost. But with tighter regulations and gloomy economic forecasts, getting a business mortgage can be difficult and time consuming. That’s where the Briqwise platform can open the door to new opportunities.

Briqwise matches business owners looking to buy or re-finance real estate with investors who are happy to provide the finance. Many businesses have already secured their business mortgage in this way – bank-free and hassle-free.

The flexible, affordable way to purchase real estate

Here’s how it works. Borrowers receive a proposal from Briqwise with attractive conditions and an affordable interest rate. We adjust the interest rate based on factors including the situation of the borrower and the property concerned. It’s a practical, sensible approach that borrowers see as realistic and pertinent to their financial situation.

What also appeals is the flexibility Briqwise offers – especially in terms of repayments. Borrowers have the choice to prepay interest, pay a small amount of interest, or make extra repayments without penalties. It’s all designed to suit the movements of your company and the market.

As a property buyer you’re looking for a business mortgage with attractive conditions.

Our investors are looking for a safe way to make a good return on their capital.

Briqwise matches property buyers with investors – then takes care of the entire process.

A smooth, professional process

Briqwise specialists have extensive experience in the financial sector and ‘SME’s’ – small to medium enterprises. Combined with our FinTech, our process is professional, efficient and hassle free every step of the way. From the loan submission, the signing at the notary and right through the duration of the loan.

Five criteria

We have five criteria that determine whether you are eligible for a business mortgage. These concern you, your company, and the real estate you wish to purchase.

The most important security is the value of the property. The borrower and the investor both benefit from this being determined carefully. So we do this with certified appraisers to ensure the real estate represents reliable and accurate collateral.

To find out more about how we assess your mortgage options click here.

"Briqwise helped me with the purchase of my business premises"

Apply for a business mortgage?

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After receiving your request for information, we will send you a sample financing proposal providing you with a guide to monthly costs. While you are looking at that, we’ll be doing our research to see if you are eligible for a business mortgage through Briqwise. We’ll let you know asap!