Frequently asked questions

What risks are involved in property investments?

The main risks in property investments for investors are not getting back the amount lent and not receiving monthly interest.

Briqwise limits these risks with guarantees that offer you a secure and responsible way to invest your money.

  • Loan amount: This risk is limited by first mortgage security which gives investors the right to sell the collateral (property) if a buyer fails to meet their obligations. It’s important that the proceeds of the sale be higher than the outstanding loan amount, which is why we strive for an LVR (Loan-to-Value ratio) of up to 75%. We place great importance on the assessments of the value of all properties on our website.
  • Monthly terms: This risk is limited by evaluating the qualifications of property buyers based on their track record and financials. By entering into a factoring agreement, Briqwise will ensure additional protection for payment of the monthly instalments – even if a property buyer does not fulfil its obligations.