Real Estate Finance with Briqwise

Briqwise: commercial finance with attractive interest rates

The Briqwise platform brings investors and borrowers together – borrowers who want to purchase real estate on flexible terms to strengthen their business, and investors looking for a reliable way to get a return from their investments.

By bringing these parties together, Briqwise can present all the different options from both perspectives to identify the right match. Then we guarantee a smooth and transparent settlement when both parties are happy to proceed. And it’s all done without the time and hassle of bank involvement.

Sound returns, safe and hassle free

Borrowers want finance on agreeable terms. Investors want returns from their investment with little risk.

Briqwise connects like-minded borrowers and investors for commercial finance loans then takes care of the contractual and financial transactions.

The borrower wants finance to buy a property and is looking for a loan with agreeable conditions.

The investor wants to make an attractive return with low risk.

Briqwise connects the borrower and investor then takes care of the contractual and financial settlement.


Property loans starting at $100,000

Briqwise facilitates loan applications from $100,000.  The types of property eligible for financing can be quite diverse, ranging from apartments, offices, retail outlets, shops, houses and industrial warehousing amongst others. The only restriction is that the property to be financed must be used for commercial purposes and must be located in Australia.

Investing individually or jointly (Clubdeal)

Briqwise offers investors the choice of providing commercial finance individually or as part of a group. Please check our offer page to see which properties are eligible for joint financing. We call this the Club Deal. However, borrowers still only need to deal with Briqwise even if the loan is provided by several investors. A minimum investment of $100,000 per investor is required.

The rights of investors in a Clubdeal are the same as the rights of an investor who enters into individual financing.

Learn more about the Briqwise Clubdeal

Five evaluation criteria

The specialists at Briqwise evaluate an application for financing on the basis of five criteria. This covers both the property and the borrower.

Learn more about the Briqwise valuation method

Trouble-free guarantees

The essential guarantees we offer investors are:
• careful assessment of the property
• a robust Loan to Value ratio
• thorough screening of property buyers

But Briqwise goes one step further and guarantees that investors will receive monthly instalment payments. Specifically, this means we will take over the monthly repayments and interest if a borrower defaults on payments. Of course, we will let you know immediately if this happens.

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