Invest in real estate financing with added security

With Briqwise, you can provide finance for property buyers simply and securely. Investors not only receive a very competitive interest rate, but the security of the property as collateral and our guarantee of monthly interest payments and repayments. You can start to invest with as little as $100,000.

Briqwise brings investors and property buyers together

Briqwise brings together investors looking for a good return and business owners wanting finance to buy property. We start the process by thoroughly understanding the needs and requirements of both parties. It’s important everyone has matching ambitions, and that expectations on both sides are feasible and realistic.

Our process is simple and transparent every step of the way. We thoroughly investigate all options available for real estate purchases, while at the same time protecting buyers (as well as ourselves) from irresponsible risks.

We don’t waste investors time with unrealistic ‘pie in the sky’ projects. Every property on our website has been screened and carefully assessed. Then it’s up to the investor to choose which real estate projects they are interested in financing. We’ll take care of all of the financing details after that as well as any related matters long term.

Brick Solid Investments

Financial experts will offer a variety of opinions and forecasts on a range of investment opportunities. But one thing almost all agree on is that over the years, real estate has proven to be one of the most reliable investments. After all, bricks and mortar last a long time.

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Extra security with Briqwise

The Briqwise team has years of experience advising, mediating, and investing in real estate as well as conducting credit checks on property buyers. If we need additional expertise, we call on our network of experts.


A quick summary of investment options

Many investors are looking for alternative opportunities – ones that offer a high return with little associated risk. In our Whitepaper we compare various investment options, including saving, bonds, shares, buying real estate and financing real estate.

Briqwise whitepaper

An investment that brings peace of mind

With interest rates so low these days, savings accounts offer little attraction to investors. Briqwise is an alternative for people who don’t want to invest or enter the bond market, but are looking for a safe and reliable way to achieve good returns on their assets.

Briqwise is a unique combination of high efficiency, low risk, and super-transparent communication. We put our money where our mouth is: an average 7.95% interest provides our customers with substantial returns with low risk for peace of mind.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. It is about the safest investment in the world.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt – 4x American President

Briqwise: Rock Solid

We want our financing to be strong enough to withstand any economic tremors that might reverberate around the world. Our returns may not be the highest available, but will definitely be amongst the most stable: an average 7.95% interest – and that’s over the long haul.

To help minimise risk, we’ve developed a valuation tool called the Briqwise Value Assessment (BVA). This is a proven and clear points system that provides a unique insight into the security of the property to be financed and the buyer who has requested the financing.

We only push the ‘GO’ button if all the indicators from our research, interviews and checks are green and we can label all risks as ‘responsible’. Or in other words, minimal.

Clarity about costs

Briqwise strives to offer investors and buyers the highest security possible. In return for this scrupulous attention to detail, we will charge both parties a fee. But you will only be billed if the financing goes through.

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