3 ways to finance real estate for your business

SME financing, unlike usual in the age of Corona  Since the start of the corona crisis, corporate lending cannot be separated from the consequences of that crisis, its impact on credit demand, and government measures to support the economy. ...
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BlogNews28 April 2021

“Briqwise solves two problems”

You want your real estate ambitions financed through a bank, but the process takes forever... and then they say no. Or you are looking for a safe investment for your money because you pay negative in...Read more
Blog23 April 2021

A business mortgage within a week

In just over two years, more than 100 business mortgages have been taken out via Briqwise. And it looks like this number will double every year. So the Briqwise platform is catching on. What is a ...Read more
Blog14 April 2020

Investing during the corona pandemic

At every kitchen table and in every workplace, the corona pandemic is the topic of the day. The impact on society is enormous and the economy is also hit hard. So what about our product: real estate ...Read more