What does Briqwise do?

Briqwise is a marketplace where investors and property buyers come together to arrange commercial transactions. Briqwise provides information about potential financing opportunities to investors via its website. Based on this information, an investo...
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16 May 2018

What is commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate means a business premises including offices, warehouses, retail outlets, shops, industrial sites and residential investment properties (which are not the principal place of resi...Read more
14 June 2018

For what purposes finance can be requested?

Financing of commercial transactions can be used for different purposes: Purchases - for your business or commercial real estate Refinancing - as collateral to (re) finance a company debt N...Read more
14 June 2018

What does 1st mortgage security mean?

Finance is usually arranged between a borrower/buyer and investor/s. An investor will be given 1st mortgage security for property that is financed. This is recorded by a solicitor in a mortgage deed a...Read more
14 June 2018

What does Briqwise mean by managing the loan?

In the Loan Agreement between an investor and property buyer there is an agreement that Briqwise will be managing the loan. Briqwise will collect monthly repayments from the borrowers and guarantee...Read more