BlogNews17 November 2020

Investing money in commercial property provides peace of mind

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Many SME’s/Business entrepreneurs would like to buy real estate, but the bank doesn’t want to provide finance. Briqwise’s network of private investors sees commercial real estate as a solid way to achieve a return on their assets.

Many of these investors are looking for a worry free, hassle free investment. They generally find shares risky, and they often see buying and renting out a property themselves as a bothersome hassle.

Financing commercial property without hassle

The Briqwise formula is particularly attractive to this type of investor. In simple terms, the investor lends an SME/Business entrepreneur money to buy commercial real estate, receives first mortgage security and then doesn’t have to worry about it. Briqwise arranges the complete settlement and also guarantees the payment of the monthly instalments and repayments. The real estate is carefully appraised in advance and the borrower involved carefully screened.

In short, the investor is completely unburdened and receives a fixed return of around 6-7%. You’d sleep well if that was you!