How do you arrange financing for your business premises?

“Six years ago I started my own skin therapy practice. We were doing well - growing fast and needing extra space. So we started looking to buy a business premises with more room and as a pension provision. We found a building, but then had to fina...
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02 May 2021

“I can focus on my business again”

“As a catering entrepreneur, I paid everything neatly for years, but when corona arrived, the bank lost interest in me. The Briqwise set-up and their attitude was completely different: "How can we h...Read more
24 March 2021

“Briqwise takes care of everything”

“I had my assets in a standard investment portfolio earning a positive, but modest return. Until recently I had never heard of the Briqwise concept. With their model I can participate with a realist...Read more
20 February 2021

“I couldn’t wish for more security”

Chris sold his insurance company years ago enabling him to retire. He is still very active and likes to mingle with entrepreneurs. He regularly helps his children and friends with insurance-related qu...Read more