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“Briqwise helped me purchase my business premises”

“After working as an employee, I had the opportunity to take over the company where I worked. Since I took over the reins, the business has been going gangbusters! We’re acquiring new customers and the workforce has expanded.

Our current workplace was bursting at the seams when a business building came on the market. It was the perfect place for us in the perfect location! I had to buy that property. The seller and I quickly agreed and concluded a provisional purchase contract. I thought I’d simply call my bank for some financing and it would be done.

Or so I thought. My bank rejected my application, despite the excellent growth and bright future prognosis of my business. Their reason was “It is too soon after the takeover to finance a building right now.” I hadn’t counted on this at all. This immediately created time pressure with the expiry of the financing reservation in the purchase contract looming.

My accountant knew an advisor in his network who helps out entrepreneurs. He had already worked with Briqwise in the past and organised a meeting. Literally the next day, Briqwise was at our table to discuss our request and finance options. Briqwise left and went to work with the information we supplied and prepared our application for submission to its investors.

This was exciting. When the funding application was posted on the Briqwise platform, we had only a few days before the deadline expired. Fortunately, there was sufficient interest and confidence from the investor pool to close the financing deal very quickly. We even received a slightly higher loan amount than what we originally asked from the bank – and with more flexible repayments! Thanks to my fast thinking ¬†advisors and Briqwise, I could seize what I believe will be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.”