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"A different way of commercial financing for business owners"

“As a financial intermediary, I am always looking for new business financing opportunities for my clients. That’s how I discovered Briqwise. After further investigation, I discovered they have a unique market proposition. We have already taken out various financing arrangements.” – Albert Kluyver, financial intermediary. OAMKB

Every company has its story

“What I like about SMEs is that you are dealing with the entrepreneurs directly. Every company, large or small, has its own story, ideas and way of working. Individual entrepreneurs also add their own twist within an industry. I find that very interesting.

Every company has its own processes and its own agreements with customers and suppliers. And almost everything involves money flows. The challenge for me is analysing the interplay of all those money flows with an eye for the entrepreneur. There is never just one solution or one way of doing something.

At this point in time, everyone is in the middle of the corona period. Some industries are reaping the benefits, but many are struggling. There are some helpful facilities for entrepreneurs, but most have to be paid back. We have a special team that helps companies properly map their financial situation and restructure any debts, so that their financial burden matches the income picture.”

Business finance for entrepreneurs

“In addition to administration, accountancy and tax advice for entrepreneurs, OAMKB has an advisory branch in the field of corporate finance. I am a partner in that. I have been active in this field since 1994, at home and abroad, with various companies and different roles. We have 4,000 clients across the country and some of them are in need of corporate financing.

For example, many entrepreneurs would like to buy the business premises they rent in order to lower costs. Some wish to get involved in project development. There are currently too few homes, so that is potentially a good investment too. We’re also seeing financing requests for projects in holiday parks, where chalets are being built. Those requests – and others – come to me and I look for a suitable financial solution.”

The best opportunities for my customers

“I am always looking for the best opportunities for my clients, so I’m constantly searching for what is new on the market. That’s how I discovered Briqwise. I reached out and after close conversation, I discovered they have a unique market proposition.

Where other companies focus on residential houses, Briqwise focuses on financing business premises. They are also open to business premises rented out to third parties, where other providers often require the tenant to be the applicant himself. In addition, Briqwise looks very closely at the financing object itself. ”

A clear and efficient way of working

“Briqwise do business very efficiently. I can move quickly with them and receive prompt, accurate answers. Moreover, they are crystal clear in what they need to assess and complete an application. This means I can often make an accurate estimate of the likelihood of success myself.

Briqwise links an entrepreneur to one or more financiers. That keeps the process compact. It’s very different from crowdfunding, where you have to deal with many lenders. Moreover, Briqwise is already in contact with the investors before I formally submit the application. That really keeps things moving. They know the financiers, so it can often be arranged within half a day. And if I have any questions, they are easy to reach and quick to respond.

The final settlement is also very efficient. An immediate commitment is arranged with the investor and an appointment made with the notary. The money is then available. My conclusion? I am very satisfied. I have a deal settled regularly and expect many more to follow in the future! ”