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How do you arrange financing for your business premises?

“Six years ago I started my own skin therapy practice. We were doing well – growing fast and needing extra space. So we started looking to buy a business premises with more room and as a pension provision. We found a building, but then had to finance it. I persevered with my bank for a year and a half, but couldn’t get it done. At Briqwise we succeeded within a few weeks!”

Doortje Dekkers – Putmans (30 years old) has been the owner of Skin Therapy Practice Boxtel for 6 years. She explains: “In 2015 I took over one of the branches of my previous employer. It wasn’t thriving, but I saw it as a challenge to make it work. Which it did quite successfully. So i took over a second location from my previous employer – and soon there was so much work I needed staff. Since then we have continued to grow and grow.

I really enjoy it. The work is varied, we do medical and cosmetic treatments. I like to see progress and I like contact with people. I love owning my business. It is the combination of entrepreneurship, professional excellence and management that really appeals to me. ”

Managing growth

“We now have three branches. We bought a large building for one location that’s two-thirds let to a dental practice. In the other part, we are building our new practice with five treatment rooms.

Not only can we do our current treatments there, we’d like to expand and offer the services of a beautician, pedicure and cosmetic doctor too. Now we need a secretary!”

How to finance it

It has been an interesting journey organising finance for the new business premises. Doortje explains: “I was in contact with my bank about this from September 2019. In March 2020 there was still nothing on paper, but it all sounded very positive. There was nothing to indicate that it would not work out.

Six months later, the tone changed. Mostly because of Corona. However, we were determined so we started looking further afield. But it all had to be done quickly. The seller required the key handover to take place no later than December 31 – and it was already mid-November.”

Real estate financing through Briqwise

“We got in touch with a specialist in business real estate financing. He recommended Briqwise. A couple of the Briqwise team came to see us and we had a good conversation. Within 3 days we they had a proposal. In another few days we signed it and our property was immediately added to the Briqwise investor pool.

On December 30, I was with Briqwise at the notary and on December 31 the keys were handed over. It was hard to believe I had the keys to our new premise in my hands. After all, we’d been trying for a year and a half.

Now we are busy building and on schedule to open in September. We will be exactly six years old. ”

A business premises is a good investment

“The idea of owning your own building is so appealing. My partner is also an entrepreneur and neither of us been saving for retirement. We’ve put our hard earned money into ‘bricks and mortar’ rather than a bank or other investments.

Now we have both have rental income and space for our own business. And if we sell the property later, that will yield an excellent return. I’m not afraid of fluctuations in the real estate market. I am only 30, so we are focussed on the long term. ”