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"A great solution for my customer just in time!"

From my network, I increasingly receive requests for real estate financing from entrepreneurs who cannot reach an agreement with their bank. Fortunately, the possibilities are increasing again. For example, I was recently able to make an entrepreneur happy through a good collaboration with Briqwise.

The entrepreneur in question wants to purchase a catering property and is looking for financing for this. He works from a holding company and owns various private buildings. He is a wealthy party in stones, but not in cash. In the past, the BV paid out money to private persons, on which no wage or dividend tax has yet been paid. The current account ratio between holding company and private sector has grown uneven. On the basis of new regulations, this is no longer allowed above a certain amount and the Tax Authorities will want to tick off the “excess”. The entrepreneur can prevent this by attracting private financing, because this will restore the current account ratio.

The option to “sell” one of the properties that I own to the holding company is not very attractive to my client. He attaches great importance to his investment in stones. That is why I was looking for financing through an external party. That turns out not to be easy. Parties are not keen to finance the purchase of a catering property that is currently being renovated.

Disappointing for the entrepreneur is that little attention is paid to his repayment capacity, which he can demonstrate with excellent, very stable annual figures of the operation in recent years. In addition, the Loan-to-Value layer for renovation is low and therefore already attractive. The LtV will decrease even further after the building has been renovated. In other words, it will only become more favorable and safer for investors. A good scenario, you would think. In fact, if I had the means to finance the purchase myself, I would have done this without hesitation.

Fortunately, Briqwise looks at applications with the same view. Very thorough, but not to a single part (for example the object, the rental flow or the repayment capacity), but to the complete picture. In this case, the conclusion was that this is a suitable and solid investment for the investor pool and Briqwise has offered the proposition on its platform. With success, because the object was claimed by an investor in no time. Everyone happy!