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"Nothing from the bank, but now $18,000 interest annually!"

Michael (52) works as a surgeon. He earns a good salary and for many years he’s put a chunk of that into a savings account. However, now that the interest rate is so low these savings hardly yield anything. In fact, it’s probably costing him money.

So Michael started to explore other options. He does, however, have one very important condition: “This money is meant for later, I don’t want to take any risks. I am only interested in an alternative that is almost as safe as saving.”

A friend tipped him off about Briqwise. The concept of low risk combined with an above average return appealed to him. But being unfamiliar with these types of loans he was unsure and wanted to know everything about Briqwise and their model.

“This market is in a state of flux and there are so many ‘lucrative investments’ it’s not surprising people become a bit skeptical.” says Frank van Dongen, partner at Briqwise and responsible for investor relationships. “So we hold an intake interview with every potential investor. We take the time to inform them about our services and to answer all questions. Especially about the risks. We want optimal transparency, so people know exactly what they are doing. A great thing about our product is the risks are demonstrably minimal, so it’s usually not too hard to convince people. ”

After his conversation with Briqwise, Michael understood why his friend had already financed several projects through Briqwise. The combination of guaranteed monthly interest payments with sensible borrowed real estate as collateral is hard to criticise. “To me it feels just as safe as putting your money in a savings account,” says Michael, “only with a much higher interest rate.”

Michael opted to finance a rented office building with a Loan-to-Value of 65%. He receives an annual interest of $18,000 in his account. “That’s a wonderful amount to receive, isn’t it!” laughs Michael. “My bank savings were basically earning nothing. And I really didn’t have to do much for it all to happen!”