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"Unexciting, but a very constant and safe form of investing"

Robert Alberts invests in real estate, provides loans to entrepreneurs and private individuals and “invests some money on the stock exchange”. He says: “I aim for a balanced distribution in my investment portfolio. Briqwise is a great addition that I recommend to others.”

Sometimes it’s a feeling!

“There were various reasons for working with Briqwise. I can choose the projects myself. I can choose projects that I have a good ‘gut feeling’ about. I can choose to invest in regions or areas I know a little bit about. Or I might have an affinity with their business – it makes quite a difference whether it is a pub or a dental practice needing finance.

Location is also important, not to mention the Loan-to-Value. That is often the deciding factor for me.

Ultimately, it is about the return. My Briqwise deals are returning much more than a bank. Furthermore, the business is very well organised. Decisions are made quickly and they take care of everything. Arranging your own mortgage is three times as difficult – believe me!”

Healthy risk distribution

“When I just started looking at real estate I had some money in my hands and thought “How do you make one and one become two?” The first thing you buy always goes wrong, but you learn from the experience. I now have a healthy risk spread with different buildings and a number of fixed cash flows. It’s much more profitable than at the bank.

Banks are and will remain traditional. All they do is adjust interest rates and change the playing field. That hinders entrepreneurs so I help people who have collateral. For example, say you are looking to buy and renovate a property for a restaurant. But the bank won’t finance it because there’s no tenant in it yet. So stupid! Of course there’s no tenant because the building needs to be renovated first. So I provide a loan for the renovation and later, when there are tenants in it, the bank can take over the loan.

I do not invest on the stock exchange myself, I let people who understand it do that for me. But my portfolio is divided over several funds, ensuring I have a healthy spread. Basically I don’t invest in anything I don’t like or understand. An exception is bitcoin. I play with my children a bit, but I don’t understand the logic. ”

Briqwise = transparency

“The Briqwise model is transparent and very easy to understand. When I have a question, I get an answer immediately. I find investing this way not particularly exciting. In fact it’s boring, but profitable and certain. I like certainty. Ultimately, you have only one goal with investing: to ensure quality of life.

More and more people are discovering the concept. I try to keep an eye on the Briqwise website, but I am often too late. Properties are being claimed faster and faster. This shows that there is a lot of money in the market and of course it also says something about Briqwise. ”

Lean and mean

“I describe Briqwise as lean and mean. The know-how is at the table – with the people you talk to. They are switched on, provide clear answers and keep their word. They offer quality properties you can invest in yourself or with others. If you’re not particularly knowledgable about real estate, they will guide you through a simple process that’s efficient and transparent.

I recommend Briqwise to others in my network. My former partner recently asked: “If I want to invest in something, do you have any advice?” I referred her to Briqwise. A  few weeks ago I steered another friend in the same direction. Both are now happily involved.”