Investing with low risk

Commercial Financing with Briqwise

Briqwise offers a safe, low risk way to invest. Here’s why.

  • Guaranteed monthly instalments
    We guarantee your monthly interest and repayments – even if the borrower fails to meet their obligations. But this risk is small due to our careful screening of the borrower taking out the loan. Our assessment of borrowers is based on their track record plus current and historical financial information.
  • First mortgage security ensures loan repayment
    If you provide financing, you have first mortgage security on the financed property. This gives you the right of summary execution (which Briqwise will enact on your behalf) if a borrower fails to meet their obligations. You have first priority of repayment of the initial loan amount from the proceeds of the mortgagee sale – when necessary.
  • Conservative Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)
    To minimise risk, it is important that the proceeds of any mortgagee sale exceed the initial outstanding loan amount. That is why we always strive for an LVR that is less than 75%. It’s an example of the enormous value we put on the assessment of the value of the property.
  • Personal guarantee
    As additional security, a borrower who obtains a loan always provides a personal guarantee.
  • Assignment
    Where possible, rent or other benefits from insurance policies will be assigned as additional security to the investor.

What if the real estate market collapses?

A question we are often asked is “what are the risks if the economy falters or in a worst-case scenario, the real estate market collapses completely?”

The value of the property would definitely go down. But Briqwise can protect you from the consequences.

Firstly, our conservative Loan-to-Value Ratio never exceeds 75%, so the property value needs to fall more than 25% before it is worth less than the outstanding loan amount.

Secondly, but just as important, we have confidence in the borrowers due to our thorough and transparent screening process. A borrower with a thriving business will usually be able to meet the monthly interest and repayment obligations, so any decrease in the value of the property will have no effect. Your risk will be minimal.