How can I apply for financing with Briqwise?

You can apply for financing on the website by filling out the application form. If Briqwise’s evaluation of your application is positive, we will contact you to make an appointment. During the intake interview, we meet and discuss the property a...
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21 June 2018

How long will a financing application take?

We’ll make every effort to complete the financing as soon as possible after receiving your financing application. This can be arranged within couple of days, but will depend on how fast you provide ...Read more
14 June 2018

What information do I need to provide?

Initially you only need to provide the most important information about the property to be financed. See the application form. Later, we will require more information such as: A valuation repo...Read more
14 June 2018

Will my data be accessible to everyone?

Data concerning the property (photos, use, location, and the like) as well as the financing (loan amount, term, interest rate percentage, and the like) will be made available on the Briqwise website a...Read more