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"They arranged my business loan in no time!"

After a successful international career, John age 55, recently commenced working full-time for a foreign client on a self-employed basis. He also started building a dream house with his wife. But the construction of the house turned out to be more expensive than anticipated (as is so often the case), so they got into trouble with the budget.

Despite the generous compensation he receives from his client, John wasn’t eligible for an increase on the mortgage with his bank. They explained he’d only recently started and receiving his compensation in dollars was also a problem. John and his wife had hit what seemed to be an insurmountable brick wall.

But because the couple owns an apartment, Briqwise was able to offer a solution in the short term.

John explained: “After submitting the necessary documents and a personal introduction, I quickly received a quote from Briqwise. The interest was affordable and the repayments flexible – which greatly reduced the financial pressure we were under. The information memorandum that was to be sent to potential investors reflected our situation realistically and accurately. And because investors are often entrepreneurial by nature, they could see value in my situation. My wife and I were soon at the solicitor to receive the financing. Now we can finish our dream home to the standard we imagined and the Briqwise investor has an investment with good security and equally good return. Both parties win as a result. ”