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"Briqwise takes care of everything"

“I had my assets in a standard investment portfolio earning a positive, but modest return. Until recently I had never heard of the Briqwise concept. With their model I can participate with a realistic amount. I now have two investments in a Clubdeal, an arrangement where we share the investment,” says Joep van Wessem.

“I sold my company in 2016. I use part of my wealth to live; the other part I invested. I don’t invest differently from most people. I have a diversified portfolio. Some carry more risk and some are relatively low-risk. Briqwise fits very well in that second category. I have first right of mortgage which offers great security.

Two things made me choose Briqwise. Firstly, as an investor you get the first right of mortgage on the property. Second, its pretty much worry free. Briqwise takes all the work off your hands and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, they take the lead. So with very limited risk and little hassle, I receive a significantly higher return than I would get elsewhere.

When choosing the property, I mainly look at the region and the business of the borrower. But many properties are often claimed very quickly.

The Loan to Value ratio in my case sits between 60 and 70%, but to be honest, I am not too concerned with that. Anything below 75% is good. As far as the borrower is concerned, I trust the Briqwise compass.

I really like how they arrange everything. I don’t want to be sorting out a mess. I don’t want to be involved in the ups and downs of the borrowers business, or supervise compliance with the obligations. I don’t want to receive a call and hear “Sorry, I am a bit stretched this month.” I would like to keep my distance.

If there is any repayment delay, you won’t notice it as an investor – unless there is something really serious going on. So far everything has been running smoothly. I always receive my interest on the first of the month. The collaboration is excellent – Frank communicates in a business-like and direct manner. Everything is perfectly prepared from the application to the signing of the deed.

As said before, Briqwise fits well in my mix of investment options. I have opted for a period of ten years. I think that is manageable and the 6% interest adds up.

In short, I am very satisfied. If the opportunity arises, I will certainly do this again. ”