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"Awesome return compared to the interest on my savings account"

Tom, now 82 and going strong, worked in the insurance industry. In the 1960s he set up his own insurance business that he sold later for a tidy sum. With the proceeds he started to invest.

Today, Tom is acutely aware of the risks most types of investments present. From shares to bank savings. “The latter has not yielded any results recently,” said Tom in his first conversation with Briqwise. Which is why he had started searching for investment alternatives.

But two things are crucial for Tom. He doesn’t want to worry about investment risk and the term of the loan – given his age – must be relatively short.

During his second meeting with Briqwise, Tom indicated his desire to proceed. “The Briqwise product fits in well with my investor profile,” says Tom. “The term of the loan that I will provide is appropriate to my age. And of course the return is great if you compare it with the zero interest that I currently receive from the bank. ”

“Briqwise are completely professional. That gives me confidence. When screening the actual real estate and the borrowers, they proceed just as carefully as a good bank – vastly reducing the chance of a bad investment.”

Tom chose to provide a loan with a term of less than five years and an interest rate of 6% per year. His loan is secured by the first mortgage right on the property. “It feels great when I get such a high interest amount landing in my account” says Tom with a broad smile on his face.