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"Business financing of a high-quality professional level"

“I help SME entrepreneurs find business financing. I do this with various lenders including banks, crowdfunding organizations and businesses such as Briqwise. Sometimes I place the entire financing package in one place, but I also develop combinations. I call that stack financing.”

Leon Westman is a veteran in the world of finance and business. He has worked for an international bank for more than 30 years, studied Business Administration, completed broker training, is a registered advisor in business succession, gives workshops and presentations at schools and companies and is a coach at a crowdfunding organisation.

Very different applications for funding

“My clientele is SMEs, in the broadest sense of the word. Whether it’s a large or small company, if an entrepreneur is looking for financing I want them to do it with me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an application of 100,000 dollars or 25 million. I find them all an interesting challenge. I even enjoy helping with applications for relatively small amounts. Sometimes they require more energy and creativity than applications for a much larger amounts.

Usually I work on applications for a business premises. But I can be briefed to find financing for a catering property with a residence upstairs for the entrepreneur themselves. Or for a commercial building with apartments above it that the entrepreneur wants to rent out.”

The traditional ways no longer work

“I find that in almost all cases, entrepreneurs have been looking for some time – submitting applications in various places without success. Often it’s the business bookkeeper or accountant doing the work. Which is understandable, as they’re often the first person the entrepreneur discusses financial plans. However, the world of finance has become so complex that an accountant can really struggle to figure it all out. So they come to me. Together with my business partner, who has a very different skill set, we find solutions where others fail.

You have to be inventive and think in different ways. The old fashioned methods of financing through traditional parties no longer works. I understand very well how much this frustrates entrepreneurs. It’s unbelievable what lenders want from a borrower these days. It’s often a very expensive, time consuming exercise and rarely customer-friendly.

In my opinion, people often focus on things that may not really be that important. For instance, the historical figures and performance of a business. Yes, it’s part of the process, but I also think: “Look at the now and beyond”.  It’s as important to consider what an entrepreneur can pay in the future as much as the past.”

Briqwise. Transparent, fast and highly professional

“The Briqwise’s approach is a breath of fresh air. Compared to bank financing, the interest rate at Briqwise is slightly higher, but that’s compensated by lower repayment pressure and more flexibility. In addition, most of the costs are charged up-front and not in ‘hidden’ surcharges or costs. It is so transparent. Plus, there’s a higher chance you’ll get the deal done, and that’s what it’s all about in the end.

A big advantage for the entrepreneurs I work with is that they can make repayments without penalty. Briqwise has one product with very clear conditions. In addition, the process from application to settlement is extremely efficient. It’s quite a contrast to the experiences of entrepreneurs who are kept waiting for months only to hear that the financing won’t be provided.

When there are any questions, Briqwise is very accessible and always available. In terms of quality, I regard Briqwise at the highest professional level. ”